The Watch List

The story behind the list: One day on Facebook. I noticed that one of my friends was keeping track of the movies he watched with movie posters in a photo album that he updated throughout the year. I decided to adopt this strategy for the year. Three years later, I’m still going strong.

Between the theaters, Netflix, Hulu, and library rentals, I do get a chance to watch a lot of movies!

The Challenge: To make it interesting, each year I challenge myself to watch a movie that I haven’t seen before or that I haven’t revisited in some time. This way, I cross off movies that I’ve been meaning to see but never gotten around to. As far as the revisiting, that’s to see if my feelings have changed since first seeing a film and not re-watching after a time.

Check out my list and previous years! If any readers have any suggestions, leave a comment!

The Lists: