Mutant and Proud: A Fan’s Look Back at the X-Men Franchise’s Impact

In the 1990’s, I grew up watching X-Men: The Animated Series. I ran around my parents’ living room, emulating my favorite character, Wolverine, as I immersed myself into the colorful world of these individuals and their adventures. Although I was very young, the show taught me that it was okay to be different and we should accept others, no matter the contrasts between myself and them. I never thought I’d see this team – this family – of heroes on the big screen.

In 2000, that – and the superhero genre – were changed forever.

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‘Dark Phoenix’ brings a smoldering end to the X-Men film franchise

After 19 years, 12 films, 2 Phoenix saga-focused films, and 1 franchise-binding Wolverine, the X-Men franchise is over. Dark Phoenix wraps up the X-Men prequel films and franchise before the inevitable Disney/MCU reboot switch is turned on. After an established history, I couldn’t see this franchise ending with anything less than an applause. It is heartbreaking to see it wane with a finale as hollow as Dark Phoenix.

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‘Deadpool 2’ is another breath of comedic fresh air in the superhero genre.

Over the last few years since the superhero movie genre has taken off, the films have become diversified as far as adding different elements for the world-saving good guys. From the bank heist twists of Ant-Man to the buddy cop addition to Thor: Ragnarok, the range of superhero films is ever expanding.

But there is one hero (or anti-hero) that continues to buck tradition and do things his way. In 2016’s hit, Ryan Reynolds starred as the foul mouthed hero/anti-hero Deadpool and enjoyed breaking down the fourth wall every chance that he got while saving his girlfriend.

In this sequel, Reynolds keeps up the charm and strong performance among the gory and glee as DP’s world expands with new characters, displaying the power of personal virtue and promise of second chances all while not taking itself too seriously. Which is honestly the best part. Read More »