The Anticipation: 10 Films I’m looking forward to

2020 is now a full week in. The confetti and streamers have been cleaned up and we’ve all gotten adjusted to the new year and a new decade. The year where our patience finally pays off has arrived. The movies offered in 2020 have been some that we’ve waited to land on the movie screen for some time. Long awaited follow-ups to Bad Boys and Coming to America arrive while the Wyld Stallyns reunite in Bill & Ted Face the Music. It’s not all sequels and reboots though, we’re getting a new musical with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights coming to the big screen, courtesy of Crazy Rich Asians’ director Jon M. Chu. There’s a new slew of thrillers, horror films, colorful animated treats, action-adventures, and more. It’s never too early to get excited about movies so start marking these titles on your calendar.

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‘Ready Player One’: a thrilling sci-fi popcorn fantasy that honors the youth in us all.

Steven Spielberg. The measuring stick of directors, both current and aspiring, has been celebrated for his mastery behind the camera. At one time or another, someone has watched a Spielberg film. Besides his more adult-themed movies such as Saving Private Ryan, Lincoln, and Schindler’s List, the 71-year old has stoked the imagination with The Adventures of Tintin, Jurassic Park, and E.T.

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‘The Post’ delivers an obvious message, elevated by Hanks’ and Streep’s performances

If there was ever a movie more suited for this current time, The Post would be the one. In this current era, where words are tossed around like “fake news”, we need to be reminded about speaking truth to power through the written word. Despite the period-specific sideburns and a screen choked with casual cigarette smoke of 1971, The Post couldn’t be more about 2017 if it tried.

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Are you ‘Ready Player One’?

In case anyone hasn’t been paying attention, Hollywood has been on a pop culture-fueled train; the ’80s seemingly being the core focus as movies and television try to prove that what is old can be new again. When done well, shows like Netflix’s hit Stranger Things to movies such as Emma Stone’s Easy A, pop culture from the past have influenced where entertainment is currently going. I was born in 1989, but were the 80’s really that awesome?Read More »