‘The Rise of Skywalker’ is messy but a satisfying conclusion to the Central Saga

9 movies. 42 years.

The Star Wars saga (affectionately known as The Skywalker Saga) was delighted audiences for generations. After the fan base dividing Last Jedi, the final chapter was approached with reservations by fans and critics. Despite this, the enduring story of the Skywalker Saga didn’t disappoint me once I sat down to board the Millennium Falcon for one last adventure.

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Episode IX marks the ‘Rise’ of a family and The End of a Saga

That tremor that you felt on Friday afternoon? The Force had awakened once again…possibly for the last time.

Star Wars Celebration 2019 emanated from Chicago, IL, introducing fans to what’s to come from those creative minds that work in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. From a new video game to the upcoming live-action show, The Mandalorian, coming to the Disney+ streaming network, the future seems bright for the groundbreaking science-fiction universe.

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The Dark Side of the Fanbase

Fanbases are a great community to be a part of. You meet up or talk to people not just in your surrounding areas but possibly around the country or world that share your interests in a certain medium. Pop culture is a melting pot of people, no matter your race or gender, coming together to celebrate movies, television shows, games. You name it.

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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’: A fun and fast-paced space adventure despite the flaws.

Ever since Walt Disney Studios acquired Lucasfilm, they have successfully rejuvenated the franchise with a trilogy that continues the original story; introducing fans to new characters along with the heroes we grew up with. With that success, the mass media conglomerate decided to fill in some gaps in the galaxy far, far away with Star Wars anthology movies.

While the first, Rogue One, was a positive success among all fans of the franchise, the standalone story about one of the more cantankerous and famous characters of the original trilogy might be considered the Attack of the Clones of this series.Read More »

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ honors the legacy and takes the film series into a new direction

One of my favorite movie series is the Star Wars saga. The space battles, lightsaber duels, fantasy, and creativity has been a major influence on the science fiction genre. Out of the entire saga, my favorite film is ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. To me, it is the standard bearer of how a sequel should be done: big reveals, breaking down the good guys, and showing that the enemies can win in more than one way, but not losing what made the first movie work.Read More »