Movie Quarantine Chronicles: Part V

If this is your first time reading this blog, I think it’s obvious that I like to watch movies. However, the Coronavirus pandemic washing over the globe has created a sudden drop off in the number of new movies for not just mine, but others’, viewing pleasure. As many studios are moving their blockbusters toContinue reading “Movie Quarantine Chronicles: Part V”

The Anticipation: 10 Films I’m looking forward to

2020 is now a full week in. The confetti and streamers have been cleaned up and we’ve all gotten adjusted to the new year and a new decade. The year where our patience finally pays off has arrived. The movies offered in 2020 have been some that we’ve waited to land on the movie screenContinue reading “The Anticipation: 10 Films I’m looking forward to”

‘Knives Out’ is a clever, modern day whodunnit with an all-star cast.

When it comes to murder mysteries, I haven’t run into many that I’ve overall liked in the last few years, most falling into the category of one and done viewings. Thank God for Rian Johnson using his writing and directorial talents to Knives Out, a silly, stabby, brilliant whodunit.

Life-Like: What’s the next Disney reimagining?

With the upcoming launch of the Disney+ streaming network on November 12, the Mouse House put out trailers and news for upcoming original content that can only be found on their service.  One trailer that debuted is the upcoming retelling of Disney’s classic, Lady and the Tramp. With Disney banking on the success of modernContinue reading “Life-Like: What’s the next Disney reimagining?”

Raunch and Romance make an interesting mixture in ‘Long Shot’

This year hasn’t had much competition in the raunchy comedy/romantic comedy department. So while everyone is focusing on the mega blockbusters coming this summer season, a movie such as Long Shot could sneak under the radar. Going to an early screening of the comedy, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The main selling point wereContinue reading “Raunch and Romance make an interesting mixture in ‘Long Shot’”

Marvel Studios pulls out all the stops in a spectacular superhero epic with ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Long live the Avengers. For this review, I felt compelled to start off by honoring these comic-book heroes that have touched the lives of millions of fans around the world, both new and old. Since 2008, Marvel Studios has been on a superhero odyssey; creating memorable moments, whole standalone franchises and bringing the comic booksContinue reading “Marvel Studios pulls out all the stops in a spectacular superhero epic with ‘Avengers: Endgame’”