My Top Anticipated Films of 2021

To say last year was a difficult one for someone like me, a movie fan, to endure would be a small understatement. With theaters shutting their doors for a time, blockbuster movies moving to the next upcoming year and film schedules shifting, it was a time of uncertainty for film studios, fans, and the entertainmentContinue reading “My Top Anticipated Films of 2021”

Reports from San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Movie and television studios, nerds and pop culture enthusiasts descend upon San Diego for the annual comic convention. It is here where future movie plans are announced, causing fans to go crazy with cheers. Directors, producers and actors answer fans queries about previous works and ask their burning questions that they haven’t posed on socialContinue reading “Reports from San Diego Comic-Con 2019”

‘Halloween’ is a Faithful and Entertaining Return for Michael Myers.

Long live Michael Myers! Forget what you know about the Halloween sequels, or just wipe your browser history, to forget the other franchise entries that came in between. This meta-sequel to the 1978 horror classic returns the story to its core and fun as hell… And well worth the long wait.