‘Aquaman’ makes a splash in bright and entertaining seas.

Aquaman has never been the strongest or well-received superhero in DC comics. I mean, come on; a guy who can swim and talk to sea animals? He has always been seen as a second-tier superhero in comparison to the likes of the DC Trinity. With an entertaining but ludicrous story and good old fashioned fun, Aquaman hasContinue reading “‘Aquaman’ makes a splash in bright and entertaining seas.”

San-Diego Comic-Con delivers new upcoming trailers

Pop culture conventions. Almost every major city has one for all fans of the genre to attend. It’s not just limited to movies but also television and anime. I’ve attended Awesome Con in Washington D.C. the last two years and have never been disappointed. But there is one convention that claims to title as theContinue reading “San-Diego Comic-Con delivers new upcoming trailers”