About Robert

Greetings and Welcome to my small corner of the internet!

I’m Robert, a movie blogger and avid movie go-er. By day, I’m working my day job, counting down the hours until I leave. By night, I’m something different. More than likely, you’ll find me home on Netflix or Hulu or going to a Thursday movie release at a theater within driving distance.

As a child, I grew up during the Disney Renaissance as the Mouse House found its footing again and released classics that continue to withstand the test of time. I remember my first time at a theater, my mom taking me to see The Lion King in 1994. I was so immersed in the animated world already with my Saturday Morning cartoons, I was in childhood heaven. Then my grandmother took me to see the 20th anniversary re-release of Star Wars. After that, I was hooked onto the adventures that cinema could take an audience.

Currently living in Baltimore, Maryland, I try to go to different movie theaters besides the basic AMC theaters. I’ve recently fallen in love with the renovated Senator Theatre in the city. While they have updated to show a 3D film now and again, their retro interior design honors the history of the 4 screen theater.

On the blog, you’ll find me writing reviews for movies that have been released, giving my opinion on trailers for upcoming films, what you should check out on Netflix or Hulu, any news that can affect the film industry (along with my two cents), and a Top 10 list might strike now and then.

So pull up a chair, leave a comment, put on some popcorn and enjoy the show! I’m happy to have you here!