‘The Broken Hearts Gallery’ is the feel-good movie we need in 2020.

Romantic comedies have a soft spot in my movie selection and given that part of my November is devoted to the charming genre, I was hoping to add a newer, more recent film into that catalog. Insert The Broken Hearts Gallery.

Credit: IMDB

After a break-up, a young woman (Geraldine Viswanathan) decides to start a gallery where people can leave trinkets from past relationships.

I’ll admit to being a little uncertain with this movie in the beginning. Upon seeing the trailer, I could see where this story was going to go from beginning to end: a young, brokenhearted woman seeks to change her life and encounters a man, who is guarded for his own reason, and doing the same and they fall for one another. The formula for romantic comedies rarely changes, but there was something about this film that was different and that lies with the lead actress.

Geraldine Viswanathan plays the quirky Lucy who you can instantly fall in love with. Lucy is a believer of love, despite how unlucky she has been in that area. Hoarding mementos from past loves, Lucy never gives up as she tries to get more immersed in an art gallery career in New York. Geraldine is so engaged into her character. Lucy represented that one friend we all have in our lives or want in our lives: charming, lovable, and relatable that you can accept her uniqueness. Viswanathan’s performance as Lucy provides this movie about broken hearts a strong spirit.

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Each lead actress needs her co-star and that was found in Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery. He and Viswanathan have enjoyable chemistry as Montgomery’s character, Nick, has his own dream to get off the ground as he seeks to open a hotel and healing his own heartbreak. Despite their clashing personalities, their slow-burn moments help you cheer these two on to finally let their walls down and give love another chance.

The late night atmosphere of New York’s middle class world of struggling artists adds to the tone of hope among heartbreak and failure, assisting the film with its dash of humanity and believability. A supporting cast of relative unknowns who you just want to hang out with in real life rounds out this surprising heartwarming film. The only downfalls is the predictability and lack of surprises, even though there is the occasional moment of depth to make our characters more relatable.

The Broken Hearts Gallery is a relatable film for anyone who has had their heart broken and still holding onto some part of their past loves (you know who you are) and shows the viewer to believe in second opportunities at happiness with less baggage.

Thank you for reading my review for The Broken Hearts Gallery! What are your thoughts? Ready to see how to get rid of any emotional baggage?

Leave a comment and don’t forget to give my Facebook page some love! Until next time, readers! Stay safe and enjoy a movie!

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