Don’t mistake ‘Us’ for a horror movie

The first three months of the year as usually prime pickings for a horror movie as fans pack theaters ready for jump scares. Jordan Peele made a name for himself in his directorial debut film, Get Out. But could his follow-up, Us, dodge the sophomore slump for early directors?

I will say this: Don’t mistake this movie for a horror film.

(This review is spoiler-free)

Us tells the story of a family going on a vacation to get away from the wear and tear of everyday life. However, it turns into a nightmare when a group of doppelgängers terrorize them.

With each film, there are positives and negatives and I’ll admit that I struggled to like this one. Let’s hit the positives:

1. Originality and social message. I really liked the ambitious original idea of this movie. If there is one thing I will say about Jordan Peele: he is a deep thinker and it shows in these two films. Both movies have a subtle message told in a way that might not have been thought of before. The films make you think about the world around you and has your mind travel down a new road of thought while being entertained.

2. Performances. Lupita Nyong’o has been making a name for herself since 2013’s 12 Years a Slave. From there, she has been in films from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to Black Panther. Lupita has delivered another strong performance here, playing two characters on complete opposite sides of the spectrum. One side is a fierce and loving mother; the other is a raspy-voiced psychopath matriarch of a red-jumpsuit wearing family. How would you feel if you ran into your doppelgänger? Nyong’o was able to shift between the two roles so smoothly, I didn’t know who I liked better.

Now the negatives:

1. The twist. I’m not going to spoil this movie because I’m not that guy. However I will say that if you pay attention, you can pick out the twist within the first half-hour of the movie. I don’t think this will ruin it for viewers but it might for some who were expecting to be on the edge of their seats during the entire viewing.

2. Plotholes. “The Perfect Film” is something rare because movies have plotholes. All of them do in some form or another. Us falls into the space where the plotholes are annoying when you actually notice them. The plotholes here were a killer for this film and took some of the fun out of what’s going on. When you find yourself asking questions during a movie, it’s safe to say that you aren’t fully enjoying it.

Overall, I won’t discourage my readers from seeing this movie (or any movie for that matter). Everyone has their own opinion on what is good or bad to them. Thriller films disguised as a horror might be your thing when it’s not mine.

Jordan Peele did a commendable job to avoid the sophomore slump but, in this reviewer’s humble opinion, he has some work to do for his third film.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Think you’ll check out this movie, despite the naysayers? Definitely leave a comment! Also check out my Facebook page for this blog  and show some love! Until next time!

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