‘Wonder Woman’ sequel gets a title and a surprise return

Last year, comic book and movie fans were witness to Wonder Woman, the iconic hero and first superhero movie with a female as the lead character. Her origin story is one of the few hits DC Comics films have had since their attempted launch of a cinematic universe.

While that venture seems to be all but dropped, Warner Bros. looks to continue on the momentum that Gal Gadot’s movie started.

On Wednesday, per The Hollywood Reporter, Patty Jenkins reported via Twitter that filming had begun on the Wonder Woman sequel. Set for a November 2019 release, Jenkins confirmed the official title is Wonder Woman 1984. Two stills from the production were also posted, including one that will ramp up speculation.

Here we see Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince, facing a bank of televisions filled with commercials and staples of 80’s TV. One can only wonder how her life has been after the events of the first film.

But here is the picture that has gotten every fan excited. Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor is back! And the million dollar question is how?

Trevor, Wonder Woman’s love interest, died in the final moments of 2017’s Wonder Woman after helping the Amazon princess save the world. His death served as an deep emotional point in the movie and has threaded itself as a narrative point for Wonder Woman in her other DC movie appearances. Given that the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League take place after Wonder Woman and the upcoming sequel, there is more to this love story. I can’t wait to see their amazing chemistry again, which helped the first movie flow magnificently, story-wise.

While it would be easy to bring him back in flashbacks or as a spectral vision, the 80’s clothes shows that he’ll be adjusting to a new world as well, similar to Diana’s fish-out-of-water subplot from the first film. While Trevor’s resurrection is nothing new for comic fans, how the movie will explain this is going to be interesting.

Diana also has a formidable foe to contend with as Kristen Wiig plays Cheetah, the feline super villain most linked to Diana. Given this movie takes place in the Cold War, it’s safe to assume Cheetah might be on the Soviets side.

While it might be difficult to top the original, Wonder Woman 1984 has a long history to draw from and a filmmaker as talented as Patty Jenkins at the helm whose vision we should trust in.

So what do you all think? Are you excited for Wonder Woman 1984? Check out my Facebook page for other trailers and news and show some love!

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