Tom Hardy looks to face his demons in ‘Venom.’

As a comic book fan, one of my favorite heroes is Spider-Man. While he can join any hero team, he’s on his own a lot. When you are a singular hero, you have your own Rogues Gallery of villains and anti-heroes to go against. One of the most famous is the other side of the Wall-Crawler. A darker side.


Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock, the character in the comics who bonds with the alien symbiote to become Venom. Not much else is known about the movie, but one question rings true about this movie:

Where is Spider-Man?

Personally, I don’t think you can have Venom without the Wall-Crawler there. With Tom Holland’s Spider-Man currently in the MCU, battling Thanos with Earth’s Mightest Heroes, Venom is set in San Francisco. While it’s unsure if Sony will let Marvel continue to use Spider-Man after Phase 3 of the MCU, Sony seems to be attempting to set up a universe for Spider-Man’s return because let’s be honest…Venom cannot stand on his own. I’m still not sure why this movie is even being made, but let’s not make any snap judgments based on a teaser.

Venom crawls into theaters on October 5.


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