Meet Cable and more fourth-wall breaking in new ‘Deadpool 2’ trailer

Ryan Reynolds really knows how to sell us on a movie that he believes in. In 2016, Reynolds brought a passion project to life by giving us an honest-to-God comic-book hero for adults with Deadpool. Fully redeeming the atrocious display that we saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he made audiences laugh as the indestructible, red spandex suit wearing anti-hero.

This summer, we’re in for more laughs and a tiny (or huge) expansion into the universe Deadpool opened up and he won’t be alone. Everyone, Meet Cable.

Little is known about what’s actually going to happen in this movie. The only thing that we can be guaranteed is more of the same outlandish and insane entertainment that made the first installment a hit. Josh Brolin joins another branch of Marvel movies as the time-traveling cybernetic mutant soldier, Cable. Those who know Cable’s history know that he’s a pivotal character in the X-Men universe (who knows if he’ll get his own spin-off from this). Along with Cable we have Zazie Beets as Domino and it looks like Deadpool will be leading his own team (X-Force?). We also have the cast of characters we were introduced to in the previous film to grow and make us laugh along the way.

Who knows what we’re going to get when Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18.

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