Meeting Edgar Wright at Awesome Con

As a movie lover and blogger, I have my list of directors that I like. From Steven Spielberg to Christopher Nolan, I find their work the most fascinating and knowing there will be a good story they are telling on the screen. They are the men behind the camera that brings the magic to the audience. But I’ve always wondered how it would be to meet one of them. Even if there wasn’t a full conversation, just a few minutes would be enough.

I was granted such an opportunity two weekends ago when I attended my first Awesome Con; a convention that celebrated not just comic books and their colorful heroes but all aspects of pop culture. That entire weekend was a mosaic of unity among pop culture fans, both young and old. When I found out that director Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, The World’s End), was making an appearance for a Q&A about his new film, Baby Driver, I made sure I had time for his panel on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Luckily, I kept checking my e-mail because I was sent out an e-mail to enter and have a chance to meet Edgar Wright and a signed Baby Driver poster. I leapt at the opportunity and submitted my name. After waiting a nerve-wracking 24 hours, an e-mail was sent to me to let me know….I won! I would meet Mr. Wright after his panel for a signed poster!

After running through the exhibit hall and taking photo ops with WWE superstars Shinsuke Nakamura, Charlotte Flair, and TV’s Dark Matter star, Melissa O’Neil, I ran up to the Main Hall just in time to see Edgar Wright on stage with The Guild’s Felicia Day discussing his passion project being brought to life, his work on the Cornetto Trilogy, and what could be coming next for him. The audience was even gifted with the first five minutes of Baby Driver!

Journeying back down to the exhibit hall, I saw an extended line of people gathering near an autograph booth; all of us awaiting Mr. Wright’s way down from the main hall. Once we gathered some organization into the line and he took his seat, a stack of posters next to him, the movement towards the beloved director. Normally, photos of the celebrities are prohibited unless he or she approves or it’s a part of their autograph package. Being ever courteous to his fans, Edgar had some of the staff take photos with him with an eager fan before leaving with a personally signed poster.

Approaching the table, I shook the hand of the man who wrote and directed some of my most entertaining movies of the past few years. As he signed my poster, Mr. Wright posed for a picture by one of the staff members. And with that, a movie fan’s dream had come true of meeting one of his favorite directors.

I’m hoping for more moments like this as a fan. I might need to make my way out to Hollywood or more conventions!

Coming up…my review of Edgar Wright’s new action comedy, Baby Driver!

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