‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, ‘Fate of the Furious’ and others headline the early Summer Movie slate

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas with your families. While I’ve tried to fight for Die Hard as a Christmas movie, I finally have enough down time to put up a brand-new post for you all!

Normally, I would have individual trailer previews but I’ve decided to do something a little different. A lot of previews have hit the internet over the last few weeks, especially those that have found their place in the summer. So, this post will include all of the trailers that have been released specifically for the summer.

We all know Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 leads the pack by officially opening the summer movie season, but that’s just the start. Christopher Nolan returns with a war epic, Dwayne Johnson launches a raunchy 90’s reboot, Vin Diesel revs up another Furious installment, and Marvel welcomes the web-slinger home. Does that all sound good to you? It sure does to me!

So let’s get started.

The Fate of the Furious – April 14, 2017

The first Fast and Furious film after Paul Walker’s tragic death continues the new direction of the franchise. Looking at this trailer, it seems that the team is continuing its globetrotting ways now that they have been exonerated after the events of Furious 7, but this time is different. A mysterious new woman (Charlize Theron) seduces Dom (Vin Diesel) into betraying his team and going to the dark side. In order save Dom, the team will have to join forces with unlikely allies to stop the man that turned them into a family. Featuring returning series stars Michelle Rodriguez, Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges, Dwayne Johnson, and Tyrese Gibson, we also see the return of Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw along with welcoming Charlize Theron. Helen Mirren’s role was not shown, but you can imagine that will be saved for another preview. Just when you think this franchise had run out of gas, it shows that it still has a few surprises left.

The Circle – April 28, 2017

A woman (Emma Watson) lands a job at a powerful tech company called The Circle, where she becomes involved with a mysterious man. That is the basic synopsis of this film and the trailer should be enough to interest people. Featuring a stellar cast led by Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, and John Boyega, this film targets a general problem that surrounds our world now with connection and how available information is to everyone. Based on the novel by Dave Eggers, this film will be one that many could relate to and could surprise people.

Alien: Covenant – May 19, 2017

It’s safe to say that 2012’s Prometheus was a successful reboot for the Alien film series so we can only hope it can just get better with the second installment in the prequel series. It’s not revealed when this film is taking after the events of Prometheus, but we see Michael Fassbender return as David, the android from the previous film. Following the expected but successful plot of space travel to a remote world, the crew of the colony ship, Covenant, believes they have found a hidden paradise. What they discover is a dark and dangerous world. The film also stars Fantastic Beasts breakout star Katherine Waterston along with Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, and returning Prometheus stars Noomi Rapace and Guy Pearce. Welcome back to Ridley Scott’s Alien universe!

Baywatch – May 26, 2017

Hollywood Viagra himself, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, is truly on a roll as he helps reboot a 90’s classic television series for the silver screen. Johnson plays Mitch Buchannon, the role made famous by David Hasselhoff in the original series. The veteran Baywatch leader works to restore the name of the lifesaving business by the beach. He takes on a young man, Matt Brody (Zac Efron), as his partner and it looks like we are in for some raunchy comedy as the unlikely duo works to save Baywatch. Featuring Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, and Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra, this comedy could be a summer surprise and continue to solidify Johnson’s place as Hollywood’s most bankable actor right now.

The Mummy – June 9, 2017

Universal Studios has had talks about rebooting all of their classic film monsters and it looks like The Mummy will be the start. This reboot is set in modern day with new characters. From this trailer, Tom Cruise stars as Nick Morton, the adventurer who discovers the sarcophagus of an ancient mummy. This mummy, Princess Ahmanet (Star Trek Beyond’s Sofia Boutella)  seems to have the plagues following them as well and becomes fully unleashed when awoken. Russell Crowe also stars in this film. Talks have also surrounded the classic monsters being in a shared universe, but let’s see how this reboot goes first.

Transformers: The Last Knight – June 23, 2017

How much longer can this go on? I mean, really? I think Michael Bay is asking the same question since this is to be his last Transformers film. I will admire his dedication to this franchise and the history of these pop culture icons and putting IMAX on the map. With Bay’s sacrifice of story and plot for cool action scenes and destructive special effects, it makes these near three-hour movies tough to sit through. Moving on, this installment looks to go into more of the medieval times and their possible relation to the Robots in Disguise. Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) also seems to go off the deep end when he attacks Bumblebee. Returning stars including Age of Extincition’s Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci, franchise veterans Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and John Turturro, and new comers Anthony Hopkins along with young Isabela Moner. How much destruction are we going to cause this time around in Bay’s final go-around?

War for the Planet of the Apes – July 14, 2017

The third installment of the Planet of the Apes reboot series looks to be as emotionally charged and filled will enough action to keep fans of this series happy. Following the events of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Caesar (Andy Serkis) looks to give into his darker instincts to avenge the losses as his ape colony deal with their heavy losses. This sets him against the humans’ leader, the Colonel (Woody Harrelson) , to determine the fate of their species and the Earth’s future. I’ve been a fan of the reboot series and I think this film will contain more of the same things that has led to others embracing the reboot.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – July 7, 2017

If you haven’t seen Captain America: Civil War, you can catch it on Netflix right now. The reason I bring this up is because this will give audiences the proper introduction into Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I am so excited that Sony has agreed to share the web-slinger with Marvel and now we have him in the same world as the Marvel Cinematic Universe with our other heroes. This time around, we find Peter (Tom Holland) in high school, trying to find a balance in his life as a high school student and fighting crime as Spider-Man with the help of his mentor, Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr). While trying to find this balance, a new threat, the Vulture (Michael Keaton), emerges. I’m so excited for this film and to see how Spider-Man interacts with this universe. I love Tony Stark, but I don’t want him to take over this film so a healthy amount of Iron Man will definitely help the film while Spider-Man establishes himself along with his other heroes. We also get the web-winged suit!

Dunkirk – July 21, 2017

I had heard that Christopher Nolan was filming a new film, but it was kept under tight wraps that no one knew much about it; not the premise or the cast. And then, during the IMAX 3D premiere of Rogue One, audiences were introduced to Nolan’s return to the director’s chair. The official premise of this war film covers Operation Dynamo as Allied soldiers from Britain, Belgium and France are surrounded by the German army on the beaches on Dunkirk and evacuated in the operation during the early days of World War II. As far as the cast, it’s stellar with Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Jack Lowden, Mark Rylance, and Harry Styles. I think this will be the one non-superhero movie that could possibly top the box office this summer.

Well, there you have it! What do you all think about the movies that we have coming up during April to July for the summer? Which ones are you looking forward to the most?

I’ll be back with a few movie previews and reviews of movies that I’ve seen, along with a top 10 of 2016. Happy Holidays!

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