Will Smith leads all-star cast in ‘Collateral Beauty’

Hello, readers! I’m so sorry for the unexpected break in posts. Work, turning 27, and grad school can take up a lot of time but…I’m back. So I’m going to try and catch up with as much movie news as I can and post some new previews for you all!

With the summer season officially over and we’re entering the lukewarm days of the fall, the box office should be quiet from after the big-budget hits and some misses of the hot season. Oscar season is slowly approaching and some studios got a head start at film festivals such as Toronto and their screening of potential Oscar contender, ‘La La Land.’ But I’m here to talk about another possible contender in Will Smith’s next drama film, ‘Collateral Beauty’.

Will Smith plays a New York advertising executive who suffers a tragedy that sends him on a downward spiral. During these events, he encounters three mysterious people (Keira Knightley, Jacob Latimore, Helen Mirren) who encourage him to forget about the past while his friends try to reach him and help get his life back on track.

This movie has been kept under a tight lock and key with little being known about the project. Usually, that creates a sense of concern from audiences, but I think this time the mystery and wait must be worth it. From this recently released preview, the film looks like it will be an emotional roller-coaster. I picked up a lot of traces of the holiday classic, A Christmas Story. Overall, I think this movie could tell a phenomenal story that anyone could relate to.

I’m not sure if this could be Will Smith’s shot at a Best Actor Oscar or even a Golden Globe during award season but I think he has a fair shot.

Collateral Beauty comes to theaters December 16th.

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