Emily Blunt is terrifying in new ‘The Girl on the Train’ trailer

The second trailer for The Girl on the Train came barreling into the online station today, giving viewers a closer look at Emily Blunt’s depressed, alcoholic heroine, Rachel Watson.

But it seems like she is anything but helpful in this preview.

Based on Paula Hawkins’ surprising best-seller 2015 thriller, The Girl on the Train follows Rachel (Blunt), a depressed, unemployed woman who invents a fantasy life for a couple that she spies from the train on her morning commute – then she grows dangerously involved in the police investigation when the wife (Haley Bennett) turns up missing, an event that she witnessed from the window of her train.

In this trailer, we get a deeper look at the details surrounding the case: the fantasy couple, Megan (Bennett) and Scott (Luke Evans), live a couple of houses down from Rachel’s ex-husband, Tom (Justin Theroux) and his new wife. Naturally, suspicions eventually turn to Rachel herself. She was stated to be seen in the area the night of the disappearance and, as the trailer reaches its conclusion, Rachel seems to become more unstable as she searches for answers.

But Rachel has another thing to fear: herself.

I love this trailer and its chilling tone, effectively setting up the mystery in the film’s story. Emily Blunt seems to own her flawed and, apparently, fragile heroine. It still echoes Gone Girl to me and it could also be a sleeper hit of the fall season, especially considering the popularity of the film. It’s definitely a film I will spend money going to see.

The Girl on the Train comes into theaters on October 7.

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