‘Trainwreck’ is charmingly original with relatable characters and sharp humor.

I’m not one for comedy films but I do like my fair share of them. Ones with characters the audience can relate to, a decent story and a little bit of raunchiness in-between. Amy Schumer’s big-screen comedy, directed by Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin) covers all of the proper bases in Trainwreck.

Amy Schumer, who also wrote the film, plays Amy; an irresponsible, good-time gal who cannot make a commitment to a relationship. This is thanks to her caddish father (Colin Quinn), who told his daughters at a young age that “monogamy isn’t realistic”. While her sister, Kim (Brie Lawson), went against this advice by getting married and pregnant, Amy lives it fully. Amy fears romantic commitment as much as a party girl hates the words “last call.” One day, her editor (Tilda Swinton channeling her inner Meryl Streep) assigns her to profile a brilliant and hotshot sports doctor (Bill Hader). After a one-night stand that ends on the bed (actually, his couch), Amy is shocked to find out that she has found a good guy she likes…and he likes her back. What occurs then is an adventure of Amy trying to go against what she was taught, debating whether to sabotage the relationship or finally taking the opportunity to grow up and pull herself out of her selfish rut.

While I don’t think this is Apatow’s best film, he does show that he is a conventional moralist, seeking a lesson for his protagonist. Schumer give this raunchy rom-com her own flavor and signature spikiness that you have seen on her Comedy Central television show to prevent any predictability. The real break-out star in the film was Lebron James (I know, Lebron James). The NBA champion displayed some serious hilarious, comedic acting chops. If this is a sign of things to come, look to see him in more films in the future. Hader was brilliant with his dry humor, good guy Dr. Aaron Conners. Overall, Schumer’s writing and Apatow’s direction brings a screwball heroine; one who isn’t afraid of screwing a guy, screwing up, or making things right. Definitely a must-see rom-com for this year.

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