Ben Affleck to direct and star in a standalone Batman movie

It seems like the upcoming showdown between two of comics most iconic heroes won’t be the only time we’ll see Ben Affleck don the cape and cowl. The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice star is planning to direct in star in a standalone Batman film.
Confirmed by Entertainment Weekly and first reported by Deadline, the actor-director will also co-write the film with Geoff Johns, the well-respected comics scribe and chief creative officer for DC Entertainment. According to reports, this solo film will take place after the events of Dawn of Justice and the tentpole film Justice League, which is set to unite DC’s version of The Avengers with their slate of heroes. 
Johns has helped usher in success for Warner Bros. television’s DC Comics Universe including Smallville, Arrow, The Flash, and the anticipated Supergirl. Affleck has done a great job when pulling double-duty including The Town and the Oscar-winning Best Film Argo. While I have faith in the Affleck-Johns team up and Ben in the director’s chair, I still want to be impressed by Dawn of Justice before I go any further in believing in the DC Film Universe. 

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