‘Tomorrowland’ flies with uneven storytelling during Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend was one of the worst that Hollywood has seen in years with mediocre films headlining the three-day holiday. I thought the Walt Disney picture would be a summer dark horse in the early part of the season but it looks as though that title will go to another film.

The Brad-Bird directed film was hidden in secrecy for months but once the trailer was released, it looked like nothing else that would be coming out this summer. The film looked very imaginative, visually stunning; an original film that was built on Walt Disney’s idea of the future.

Britt Robertson (The Longest Ride) plays Casey, a rebellious optimist and science prodigy, frustrated by the apathy that she sees in the world around her, does her best to make a change in her own world. By night, she sneaks into NASA to stop them from dismantling a launchpad but putting herself on the radar of interested parties. When she is slipped a special ‘T’ pin, Casey uses it to travel to a different dimension that has the potential to save our future. But to get there, she will need help and finds Frank Walker (George Clooney, Gravity), a reclusive scientific genius who had visited Tomorrowland decades ago and reluctantly helps Casey get to the futuristic world.

This film didn’t suffer from the acting of the two main stars. Robertson played the role of a stubborn, optimistic teenager wonderfully, getting on the nerves of the hermit, Walker. Clooney, ever the class act, believably played the cranky, argumentative but smart Frank Walker. Although I wish his role was bigger, Hugh Laurie (House) was not a believable villain but played it with charisma. Director Brad Bird (The Incredibles,Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol) did a wonderful job directing this film. It is important to note that Tomorrowland is not disappointing or a failure. It is a visual spectacle and idealistic, bringing the audience’s view of the future to the screen for audiences to enjoy. While the visual and genius of a futuristic world that began as an idea that Walt Disney brought to life with Walt Disney World, the film’s storyline gets disjointed and lost in the shuffle.

An enjoyable film for children but overall, it fell short of expectations for the adult audience.

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