Opening Pandora’s Velvet Box: What Fifty Shades of Grey could mean for Hollywood’s immediate future

     I’m trying to refrain from writing about this topic but I’m sure everyone has not had much success in avoiding the tidal wave that is Fifty Shades of Grey (believe me, I cringe every time I see a TV spot). I can’t disagree that the movie is coming in with a large wave of momentum with the books, inspired products, and finally, a big-budget movie.

     Next Friday (or Thursday if you are going to early showings), swarms of fans and newcomers who have heard about the myth from word of mouth will flock to the theaters, pack the seats, and see what all the hype is about. Sorry, I’m not going to go spend money for about two hours of awkwardness with strangers in the dark.

     If anyone has been to bookstores lately, you might have noticed a trend with books lately. This sexual awakening phenomenon has caught on and brought those books that people usually didn’t speak about to the forefront of the new release shelves and the corners of each shelf. One way or another, you’ll see a book in the same vein of Fifty Shades. One can hope that they are better written.

     What I’m seeing is that this trend in books might move into the realm of television and movies. Depending on the success of this film, more filmmakers might take the risk and adapt those novels into films. So far, pre-ordered ticket sales are more than people expected, especially in the South and Midwest.

     The horror of it all.
     While I love movies and books, this is one of the few that I don’t support that much. I can’t deny how popular this series has become and I’m already anticipating that the next two books will be adapted as well in the next few years. 
     If you do go, I hope that you enjoy the film and it might make you forget about the novels and how badly written they are. FiI’m just going to keep calk and wait for May 1 for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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