Movie Review – The Fault in our Stars


     The Fault in Our Stars. One of the best novels of the past decade. When this was announced to be adapted into a movie, I knew this film would be a wonderful, emotional, and human spectacle to watch. This film certainly didn’t disappoint. The novel adaptation is about the miraculous story of Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort), two cancer patients who meet during a support group and fall in love. 
     I loved reading the novel and fell in love with the humanity and truthfulness of the story and how it affected the two main characters so I was hoping that the film would do the novel justice. Director Josh Boone did a great job with the source material. From Hazel Grace’s first line at the opening of the film, it’s apparent that this film will not be easy to get through, setting the audience up to be knocked down as the movie truly began. As the movie continued, the funny wit and heartfelt emotions kept audiences invested as the love story continued to evolve between Augustus and Hazel. What I truly loved about the movie was the same thing I loved about the novel: the realness of the cancer in the lives of young teenagers. Although both would like to live full, healthy lives, they accept their conditions but doesn’t allow it to hinder them. Like the novel, the movie doesn’t shy away from the cancer or hide the effect it has on the two lovers.  
     Shailene Woodley brought a stellar performance in her role as the brave, witty, and resilient Hazel Grace Lancaster. In my eyes, this was her official breakout role. Thanks to the success of Divergent earlier this year, Woodley was already shown to have A-list star quality and that was confirmed in Stars. Her performance is memorable, possibly Oscar-worthy but it shows that she could make it to that stage. Pure and authentic, Woodley’s performance was exactly how I thought Hazel Grace would be in real-life portrayal. Ansel’s performance was just as strong as the loyal and persistent Augustus Waters, displaying the heart that Waters had, despite the effect that cancer had on him. 
      This movie was the best and precious young adult movies that Hollywood has brought to audiences in a long time. Augustus and Hazel Grace is the best love story that people have read or seen in the last decade and this movie proves it. 
     If you have not read the book, do it. If you haven’t seen the movie, go see it. 
     Okay. Okay. 

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