Movie Preview – Non-Stop

     I’m back and bringing a new preview with a new movie preview, staring a staple of action movies in recent years, Liam Nesson.

     Here is the preview for the action thriller:


     Global action star Liam Nesson (Taken) stars as Bill Marks, an air marshal who must go into action when he receives threatening text messages that places the lives of the passengers in danger. Co-starring Julianne Moore (Carrie), Bar Paly (Pain & Gain),  While the trailer is short and too the point, I think it revealed too much about the movie, already revealing the twist to the audience. While this move can work to intrigue the audience into seeing the movie when it releases, it could backfire. But, considering it is Liam Nesson, this movie could be a great popcorn action movie for the winter. 
     Comes to theaters February 28.

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