Iron Man 3 – Marvel’s Cinematic Universe begins Phase 2 with a Bang

     I have to say that I was fairly impressed by the third movie in the Iron Man trilogy. Given the fact that a new director in Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) stepped in and rewrote the script, some fans were skeptical, myself included. There was also the fact that this was the third film and it usually is not as strong as the first two. That was not the case here.

     Tony stark (Robert Downey, Jr) starts narrating the film, taking us into his past on New year’s Eve in 1999. There, we meet Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall), inventor of Extremis – an experimental treatment program that regenerates the body and allows recovery from crippling or devestating injuries but has some explosive side-effects. We also meet Aldrich killian (Guy Pearce), a disabled scientist who wanted Tony’s support for his company but since this is pre-iron Man Tony stark, he blows him off.

     When we return to the present day, Tony is working on his Mark 42 Iron Man suit and has been busy in his lab, apparently busy perfecting his new suit. Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), his girlfriend and CEO of Stark Enterprises, has noticed this and is not too happy with Tony’s obsession with his suits. This is all a distraction for Tony because he is still suffering from the events of the battle of New York during The Avengers. During this time, the world is being terrorized by The Mandarin, responsible for bombings but leaving no evidence at the site. Stark finally steps up when a attack becomes personal and challenges the Mandarin at his home.

     Tony’s challenge is answered and his home is destroyed, leaving everyone to believe that he is dead. in actuality, Tony is in rural Tennessee. Without the power of his suit and his technology to assist him, stark has been stripped of everything close to him and left with nothing but his wit and creativity. After he teams up with Col. James Rhodes/iron Patriot (Don Cheadle), Tony is able to discover the true identity of the Mandarin, the source of the attacks, and its relation to Extremis. The final battle showed Tony’s obsession in full force as many Iron Man suits come to battle the Extremis soldiers. Dedicating himself to Pepper, Tony destroys all of the Iron Man suits and makes a huge life change to remove the shrapnel from his heart. In the end, Tony proves that he doesn’t need the suit to be Iron Man.

   Superheroes seem to be the common theme in Hollywood these days and with the success of Iron Man 3, the other movies that are in store for the Marvel Cinematic universe, They aren’t going anywhere. Even though we, as an audience, love the escapism of our spandex or metal-suited heroes, it shows that they are still human beings, going through real problems, and sometimes, you don’t need a suit to be a hero. I hope you all go see this movie to start off your summer season.

     Later today or the near the end of this week, I’ll be back with a review of Star Trek Into Darkness. I’ll be back!

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